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State Library Board

State Library of Ohio Board with State Librarian

State Library Board with State Librarian: Left to Right, Jennifer Thompson McKell, Board member; Krista Taracuk, Board member; Stephen Wood, Board President; Beverly Cain, State Librarian; Melissa (Missy) Hendon Deters, Board member; and John Myles, Board Vice-President;

Board Meeting Schedule

About the State Library Board
The State Library is governed by a five member board. The Board members are appointed by the State Board of Education and each member serves a five year term of office. Under the Ohio Revised Code, section 3375.01, the State Library Board is responsible for the State Library of Ohio and a statewide program of development and coordination of library services. Specific powers of the State Library Board include:

  • Maintain the State Library, holding custody of books, periodicals, pamphlets, films, recordings, papers, and other material and equipment.
  • Accept, receive, administer, and expend in accordance with the terms thereof, any moneys, materials, or other aid granted, appropriated, or made available to it for library purposes by the United States, or any of its agents, or by any other source, public or private.
  • Administer such funds as the General Assembly make available to it for the improvement of public library services, interlibrary cooperation, or any other library purposes.
  • Approve, disapprove, or modify resolutions for establishment of county district libraries.
  • Approve, disapprove, or modify resolutions to redefine boundaries resulting from school district consolidations.
  • Amend, define, or adjust the boundaries of library districts submitting applications for changes in their boundaries.
  • Encourage and assist the efforts of libraries and local governments to develop mutual and cooperative solutions to library services problems
  • Recommend to the Governor and to the General Assembly such changes in the law as will strengthen and improve services and operations.
  • Adopt such rules as are necessary for the carrying out of any function imposed by law.

The State Library Board usually meets in the State Library of Ohio Conference Room D, 274 East First Avenue. Updated information can be obtained by calling (614) 644–7061.

Upcoming meeting dates and times are:

January 15, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting   Agenda
March 19, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting
April 16-17, 2015   Board retreat (TBD)
May 28, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting
July 16, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting
September 17, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting
October 29, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting
December 8, 2015   10:00 a.m. Business meeting