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Enrollment in the Ohio Digital Library is open  public libraries in Ohio.


  • Provide patron authentication via the preferred methods of SIP, SIP2, NCIP or Patron API. (Libraries should check with their ILS vendors regarding available authentication protocols, as there may be a cost involved to implement patron authentication.) If your library does not use patron authentication, OverDrive offers an alternative program. 
  • Pledge to spend at least 2% of their annual collection budget on materials for the consortium. 
  • Agree that all digital materials will be added to the shared collection.
  • Pay a fee for each MARC record for titles the library purchases that are new to the collection.
  • Agree that any books purchased for the Ohio Digital Library's collection will remain in the collection in the event that a library leaves the consortium.
  • Agree to provide front-line support for your library's patrons. (Additional support for library staff is provided.)
  • Agree to volunteer staff to serve on task forces or committees to aid in the guideance of the Ohio Digital Library.
  • Agree to follow all policies and guidelines put forth by the Ohio Digital Library and State Library of Ohio.


The cost of the Ohio Digital Library is 2% of a library's annual collection budget  in the purchase of materials for the shared collection.  There may be additional fees for MARC records or authentication setup that are the responsibility of the library.

The library does not send the enrollment fee to the State Library or OverDrive.  Instead, once a library is enrolled and launched, they can then purchase materials to add to the collection.  The State Library will track each library's spending to ensure they are meeting their minimum requirement.


Enrollment in the Ohio Digital Library is on an on-going basis. 

*It is recommended enrolling libraries hold a “soft launch” before officially announcing the arrival of eBooks.

If you are interested in enrolling please contact the Mandy Knapp, Library Consultant for Technology at

Enrollment Process:

Once the enrollment documents are submitted there is a two month enrollment process.  During this process your library will work with the State Library of Ohio and OverDrive to setup authentication for your patrons.  There will also be training webinars held that are recommended for all staff members on how to use the service, how to order materials, and consortium policies and guidelines. 

This enrollment period is a time for your library and staff to learn how to use the system before it is available to your patrons.  Attendance at all the training sessions is mandatory, so if you believe staff at your library will be too busy with other duties during this period please contact Mandy Knapp, Project Manager at the State Library before enrollment with any concerns.


Before the enrollment process can begin interested libraries must complete and submit enrollment paperwork.  The documents include but are not limited to:

  • Ohio Digital Library Library Contact Sheet
    • Contact information for use by the Ohio Digital Library Manager
  • Memorandum of Understanding or MOU
    • Agreement between enrolling library and the State Library of Ohio
  • Schedule C
    • Agreement between enrolling library and OverDrive, Inc.
  • ILS Vendor Information or Library Card Manager
    • This form is used by OverDrive to set up authentication

During the enrollment process:

  • OverDrive will set up and test authentication for your library’s ILS system, if authentication is not functioning by the launch date your library may be delayed until the next enrollment period.
  • Training sessions will be available for library staff to learn:
    • Use of the backend site (purchasing content, accessing statistics, etc.)
    • Use of the public site
    • Ohio Digital Library policies and guidelines
  • Usernames and passwords to the Content Reserve website will be provided
  • Outreach and Promotional materials will be reviewed

Most staff training will be via webinar with either an OverDrive trainer or the Ohio Digital Library Manager.  The dates of the training will be determined after the enrollment process begins.  Generally, OverDrive provides one training session for each topic for all interested Member Libraries. The Ohio Digital Library Manager also provides training via webinar. Both OverDrive and State Library training are usually recorded for those unable to attend. 

During OverDrive’s training webinars the trainer will tell viewers to contact the OverDrive Project Manager with questions.  Please contact the Ohio Digital Library Manager, Mandy Knapp, before contacting OverDrive. OverDrive is not aware of all policies for the consortium.  There are certain features and products that the consortium as a whole has chosen not to utilize.