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State Library of Ohio patrons are protected from the "Heartbleed" bug.


Recommendations from April 22, 2003 minutes

  • Standards for accepting records from migrating libraries
  • Vertical file materials not be included in the SEO database

September 19, 2003 revision of Browsing Collection Guidelines

  • Expand the Browsing Collection Guidelines to AV materials

Recommendations from December 4, 2004 minutes

  • Develop a Collection Development Policy
  • Allow SEO libraries to start small browsing collections

Recommendations from Governance Retreat October 18-19, 2005 minutes

  • Remove the monetary block for downloading ebooks
  • Use discretion in communicating with borrowers via email
  • Equalize to SEO fees at $950/license
  • Increase the CatExpress fees to $1.20/MARC record
  • Change the name of SEO from Southeastern Ohio Library Center to the SEO Library Center with SEO standing for Serving Every Ohioan
  • Merge the SEO and SLO ebook sites
  • Approve the code changes and declare a moratorium on further code changes

Recommendations from March 13, 2006 minutes

  • Circulation history
  • Maximum number of claimed returned
  • Maximum number of renewals

Recommendations from the August 21, 2006 minutes

  • Reduce the fine on Browsing Collection from $1/day to $.50
  • Circulating books on digital players
  • Intellectual Freedom Issue

Recommendations from March 6, 2007 minutes

  • Cataloging sets of Audiovisual Materials
  • Publication Date in Call Number
  • Retrospective Cataloging

Recommendations from the March 31, 2008 minutes

  • HIP task force formed
  • Last patron information - circ history changed from 1 day to 3 days.
  • Unique Management Limit - two fine limit groups $25 or $50

Recommendations from June 4, 2008 minutes & September 22, 2008 minutes

  • Best Practices task force formed
  • Create a wiki for the recommendations

Recommendations from January 26, 2009 minutes

  • SEO Delinquent Borrower Privileges
  • Allowing SEO Consortium Libraries to use 3rd party vendors since now most software has SIP

Recommendations from May 6, 2009 minutes

  • SEO Governance name change
  • Multiple cards

Recommendations from September 29, 2009 minutes

  • Correctional letters
  • Principles of Cooperation
  • On Order Records
  • Remove all "personal information"
  • 3 day circ history limit

Recommendations from January 15, 2010 minutes

  • Catexpress Marc Record Purchase
  • Membership fee increase, license count
  • 3 day circ history limit

Recommendations from June 16, 2010 minutes

  • Invest in the Enterprise product
  • Horizon/Library Issues - games, browsing guidelines, cargo slips, serials module

Recommendation from September 24, 2010 minutes

  • Proceed in changing the way overdue notices are printed and sent by using the program offered by UMS

Recommendation from May 11, 2011 minutes

  • Upgrade Horizon 7.4.2 to the Symphony product

Recommendation from September 30, 2011 minutes

  • Strongly encourages all libraries to purchase digital content to meet the demand

Recommendation from January 30, 2012 mintues

  • Hold shelf limit changes from 9 days to 7 days