Staff & Department Directory

Toll Free in Ohio
A toll free number is available from within Ohio only to reach the  State Library in Columbus:  800-686-1532

State Librarian’s Office

The State Librarian’s Office supports the State Librarian in many roles such as serving as the Secretary of the State Library Board, administering the State Library, executing the policies of the Board, being a liaison with the Ohio Legislature and the Ohio congressional delegation, monitoring legislation of interest to the State Library and Ohio libraries in general, advocating on behalf of all Ohio libraries, leading and partnering in the development of library services throughout Ohio, promoting and enabling resource sharing among libraries and library networks, providing access to information for state agencies and partnering with them to enhance services, and promoting virtual services to Ohio’s residents.

Name Title Phone Email

Beverly L. Cain

Agency Director & State Librarian

(614) 644-6843
  William “Bill” Morris Governmental Affairs Coordinator (614) 728-5118
Kirstin Krumsee Library Consultant – Data and Research (614) 644-6916
Julia Ward Executive Secretary to the State Librarian (614) 644-6847

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications provides communications, marketing, and promotional media for all departments within the State Library.

Name Title Phone Email
Marsha McDevitt-Stredney Director, Marketing & Communications
and Public Information Officer
 (614) 644-6875

Employee Services

Employees Services administers personnel for the agency and consults with State Library managers to fairly recruit, retain, and engage employees.

Name Title Phone Email
Stephanie Herriott
Manager, Employee Services (614) 644-7066

Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is responsible for budgeting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, purchasing, and financial reporting for all departments of the State Library. Fiscal Services also serves as the agency liaison with other state agencies such as the Office of Budget & Management, Treasurer of State, Auditor of State and various departments within the Department of Administrative Services.

Name Title Phone Email
Jamie Pardee Fiscal Services Manager, Fiscal Services (614) 644-6879
Anne Libby Program Administrator (614) 466-7859
Allison Hoggatt Accounting Specialist (614) 466-1074
Joan Sharp Accounting Specialist (614) 995-5910

Transport and Facility Services

The Transport & Facility Services Department is an internal support group for the State Library of Ohio providing Mail Center & courier operations, State Library facility coordination & management, fleet management operations and Statewide Delivery System (SDS) coordination & project management.

Name Title Phone Email
Jamie Pardee Fiscal Services Manager, Transport & Facility Services Department (614) 644-6879
Michael Campbell Document Delivery Technician (614) 728-9573

Library Programs and Development

Library Programs and Development is charged with providing leadership and partnership in the development of library services throughout Ohio. Major department programs include consultant services, special projects, public library statistics and the federal LSTA grant program.

Name Title Phone Email

Evan T.  Struble

Associate State Librarian for Library Development

(614) 752-9178
Cindy Boyden Library Consultant – LSTA (614) 644-6863
Janet Ingraham Dwyer Library Consultant – Youth Services (614) 644-6910
Jen Johnson Library Consultant – DPLA/Digitization (614) 728-8319
Erin Kelsey Library Consultant – Library Development (614) 644-6889
Anne Kennedy Library Consultant – Library Technology (614) 466-1710
Penelope Shumaker Metadata Librarian (614) 441-0793
Mandy Simon Library Consultant – Library Development (614) 995-0033

Library Services

Circulation & Special Services: Since 1895, the State Library of Ohio has provided public access to its specialized collections of research books, periodicals, and journals. The State Library assists local libraries with back-up reference services and by filling requests for materials through the interlibrary loan network.

Talking Book Program: The State Library coordinates and funds library service for Ohioans who are print handicapped. The Talking Book Program loans equipment to play the recorded books and magazines obtained from the Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled in Cleveland.

Research & Catalog Services:  The Research Services Department primarily assists state employees with their research and information needs by answering reference questions, assisting with research strategies and providing outreach and training. Ohio residents are also served, largely through the State Library of Ohio’s status as Ohio’s federal Regional Depository Library. As the federal Regional Depository Library, all Ohio residents have permanent access to state and federal documents. The Catalog Services Department ensures that physical and digital content is ready and available for patrons to access.

Name Title Phone Email

Ann M. Watson

Associate State Librarian for Library Services

(614) 728-4988
  Tracy Grimm Manager, Circulation & Special Services (614) 728-5475
Mary Banks Library Assistant (614) 644-6887
Patrick Betts Circulation & Special Services Library Assistant (614) 644-6857
Lisa Hickle Office Professional 2 – Talking Books (614) 644-6895
Paul  Seedhouse Library Assistant (614) 644-6956
Larry Walls Library Assistant (614) 995-9363
  Nicole Merriman Manager, Research & Catalog Services (614) 995-4117
Josh Jones Reference/Cataloging Librarian (614) 387-1185
Shannon Kupfer-Trausch Digital Initiatives Librarian (614) 995-4115
Elissa Lawrence Reference/Government Documents Librarian (614) 995-4111
Stephanie Michaels Reference/Cataloging Librarian (614) 995-9359
Phil Willke Electronic Resources Librarian (614) 369-4038

Information Systems & Technology (IS&T)

The IS&T Department supports the technology needs of State Library employees, as well as providing assistance with many programs and services that the agency offers to state employees and the Ohio library communities. Some of the services and resources that the department supports includes: the State Library catalog and facilitating access to OhioLINK shared resources.

Name Title Phone Email
    Eric Maynard
Data Systems Manager, Information Systems & Technology (614) 752-9466
Rebecca Hanshaw Information Technologist (614) 644-1640
Andy Ingraham Dwyer Infrastructure Specialist (614) 644-6849
David W. Green Infrastructure Specialist (614) 644-6920
Peter Kukla Software Development Specialist (614) 441-0860

Serving Every Ohioan Library (SEO) Center

The SEO Library Center is a branch of the State Library of Ohio. SEO administers a library automation consortium for 90 library systems, provides interlibrary loan and back–up reference services, manages one mobile computer training lab, and provides eBooks, Audio Books, Music, and Playaways, and public performance rights DVDs.

Name Title Phone Email

Dianna Clark

Director, SEO Library Center

(877) 552-4262
Valeria Weaver Administrative Professional (877) 552-4262
Misty Janusik Trainer (877) 552-4262
  John Stewart Information Technology Supervisor (877) 552-4262
Janice Bond Administrative Professional  (877) 552-4262
Nicole Brown Library Assistant (877) 552-4262
Paula Clark Library Assistant (877) 552-4262
Rebecca “Becky” Hill Library Assistant (877) 552-4262
Brenda Michel Library Assistant (877) 552-4262
Jay Miley Library Customer Services Manager (877) 552-4262
Robert “Matt” Motes Information Technologist (877) 552-4262
Michael Postlethwait Infrastructure Specialist (877) 552-4262
Jamie Price Library Assistant (877) 552-4262
Don Winland Infrastructure Specialist (877) 552-4262