Strategic Plan

Vision: A Smarter Ohio

Our Mission

The State Library of Ohio ensures a smarter Ohio by managing the delivery of services through three channels:

  • Directly, by building and managing quality collections and providing hands-on service to state government
  • Cooperatively, through collaborative efforts and information sharing networks within the library community
  • Virtually, through online and on-the-go access to expert assistance, digitized resources, and a vast selection of electronic materials


July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019

Goal 1: Support digitization efforts to widen access to the State Library of Ohio’s collection and increase resource sharing throughout the state

  • Create a digital disaster plan for digitized collections within the State Library of Ohio
  • Continue digitization opportunities for libraries throughout the state
  • Evaluate the possibility of establishing a regional digitization hub in Southeast Ohio
  • Expand access to digital materials through participation in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
  • Investigate opportunities to provide digital preservation trainings to Ohio librarians

Goal 2: Position the State Library of Ohio to state government as the preferred channel for information

  • Continue to expand outreach efforts to train state employees on available resources
  • Develop a profile of state agencies and employees to determine the resources and level of assistance required to support the work of the agency
  • Utilize existing avenues including State of Ohio Total Rewards, LEAD Ohio, Learn IT Ohio, and to engage state employees

Goal 3: Brand the State Library of Ohio to reflect its promise to stakeholders for “A Smarter Ohio”

  • Develop a plan to tailor marketing programs for State Library audiences
  • Promote expertise and access to State Library of Ohio staff through targeted communications, one-on-one support, presentations at conferences and training events, published articles, and onsite visits

Goal 4: Expand access to resources in cost efficient ways through electronic channels

  • Continue expansion of content, services, and access to the Ohio Digital Library
  • Provide libraries across the state with improved discovery to enhanced resources in the Ohio Web Library
  • Identify ways to add compatibility across resource sharing networks for increased participation and expanded collaboration
  • Promote participation in the State Library’s automated consortium operated out of the Serving Every Ohioan (SEO) Library Center as a cost-effective solution for libraries and a resource rich service for end users

Goal 5: Lead innovation and development efforts for libraries to ensure ongoing relevance to communities across Ohio

  • Encourage ongoing innovation at the local level with LSTA funding opportunities
  • Continue support of initiatives that foster leadership and/or technology skills in the next generation of library leaders
  • Expand and enhance planning support services for Ohio libraries, including strategic planning, assessment and use of data, and library design/space planning
  • Monitor state and national library trends, evaluating the need to develop new programs and services, as the needs and uses for libraries continue to change
  • Serve as the intermediary between state government and libraries for effective coordination of resources at the local level, with a focus on workforce development efforts in partnership with relevant state and local agencies