50 ways to get a job: an unconventional guide to finding work on your terms

By Dev Aujla

50 ways to get a job: an unconventional guide to finding work on your terms by Dev Aujla
Added November 7, 2018

Based on the popular website of the same name, a guide to finding the right job while maintaining your sanity in the process In today's endlessly fluctuating job market, it's becoming more and more difficult to get hired. 50 Ways to Get a Job aims to fix that. Job search expert Dev Aujla created 50WaysToGetAJob.com as a way to offer practical, tangible steps to finding (and getting) the right job for you. Within only a few months, over 400,000 people used the site, and Aujla was able to gather data from thousands of individual job searches. In this cleverly constructed guide, Aujla presents the tried-and-tested steps to not only getting hired, but also the secrets to staying motivated and energized throughout the job hunting process. Filled with practical quick-step exercises, this book is designed so you can pick your path through the process, starting where it feels the most natural: *Feeling stuck? Start by sending a "looking for a job" email to five close friends. *Not sure what sort of job you want? Write some creative nonfiction about yourself. *Feeling overwhelmed? Learn the benefits of forty-five minutes of unplugged bliss. *Going on an interview? Practice with a conversation guide. Whether you've just decided to start the hunt or you're gearing up for a big interview, 50 Ways to Get a Job will keep you poised, on-track, and motivated right up to landing your dream career. –Summary provided by publisher

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