A new juvenile justice system : total reform for a broken system

By [Edited] Nancy E. Dowd

Book cover for A new juvenile justice system : total reform for a broken system
Added January 11, 2016

Contents: Introduction : Re-visioning youth justice / Nancy E. Dowd -- Child well-being : toward a fair and equitable public safety strategy for the new century / James Bell -- A silent sea change : the deinstitutionalization trend in juvenile justice / Bart Lubow -- Starting from a Different Place : The Missouri Model / Tim Decker -- Doing Things Differently : Education as a Vehicle for Youth Transformation and Finland as a Model for Juvenile Justice Reform / Peter E. Leone -- Delinquency, Due Process, and Mental Health : Presuming Youth Incompetency / David R. Katner -- Why Should We Treat Juvenile Offenders Differently than Adults? : It's Not Because the Pie Isn't Fully Baked! / Mark R. Fondacaro -- Lost in Translation No More : Marketing Evidence-Based Policies for Reducing Juvenile Crime / Richard E. Redding -- Building on Advocacy for Girls and LGBT Youth : a Foundation for Liberatory Laws, Policies, and Services for all youth in the juvenile justice system / Barbara Fedders -- Invest Upstream to Promote the Well-Being of LGBT Youth : Addressing Root Causes of Juvenile System Involvement / Shannan Wilber -- Correcting racial disparities in the juvenile justice system : refining prosecutorial discretion / Kristin Henning -- Helping Adolescents Succeed : Assuring a Meaningful Right to Counsel / Carlos J. Martinez -- Fit to Be T(r)ied : Ending Juvenile Transfers and Reforming the Juvenile Justice System / Richard Mora and Mary Christianakis -- Applying J.D.B. v. North Carolina : Toward Ending Legal Fictions and Adopting Effective Police Questioning of Youth / Lisa H. Thurau and Sia Henry -- What If Your Child Were the Next One in the Door? : Reimagining the Social Safety Net for Children, Families, and Communities / Wendy A. Bach -- Immigrant Children : Treating Children as Children, Regardless of Their Legal Status / Elizabeth M. Frankel -- Crossover Youth : Youth Should Benefit When the State Is the Parent / Robin Rosenberg and Christina L. Spudeas -- Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline : New Models for School Discipline and Community Accountable Schools / Kaitlin Banner -- No More Closed Doors : Ending the Educational Exclusion of Formerly Incarcerated Youth / David Domenici and Renagh O'Leary -- Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Court : Boulders on the Road to Good Outcomes / Sue Burrell ~ from the library catalog

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