Agile practice guide

By Project Management Institute

Agile practice guide by [Project Management Institute]
Added May 8, 2018

The Project Management Institute and Agile Alliance chartered this practice guide to create a greater understanding of agile approaches in their communities. The vision for this practice guide is to equip project teams with tools, situational guidelines, and an understanding of the available agile techniques and approaches to enable better results. Project teams are using agile approaches in a variety of industries beyond software development. Both organizations realize that expansion has created a need for a common language, open mindedness, and the willingness to be flexible in how products and deliverables are brought to market. In addition, both organizations realize there are multiple ways to achieve successful delivery. There are a broad range of tools, techniques, and frameworks; teams have choices for approaches and practices that fit their project and the organizational culture in order to achieve the desired outcome. –Summary from library catalog

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