Begin Boldly

By Christie Hunter Arscott

Begin Boldly book cover
Added November 14, 2022

Learn how to take the right risks for lasting success. Begin Boldly provides a framework for making the kind of bold moves that will get your career off to its best start! Have you ever shied away from taking a risk? Maybe you didn't apply for a job because you didn't meet 100 percent of the requirements or passed up the opportunity to take on a challenging role because you didn't feel ready. If you can relate, you are not alone. Despite recognizing the benefits of making bold moves, most women-especially those early in their careers-struggle to harness the power of risk-taking. Begin Boldly changes that. Christie Hunter Arscott equips readers to intelligently take risks using an actionable model built around three mindsets: a curious mindset, a courageous mindset, and an agile mindset. With a step-by-step method for taking risks, assessing rewards, and refining approaches, she gives women a flexible and repeatable framework to help them develop this critical career skill. Begin Boldly inspires women to take chances on themselves and turns risk-taking into an enlightening and empowering antidote for self-doubt. As Christie reminds us, the biggest risk for women is not taking any risks at all.

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