Beyond the Solar System

By Mary Kay Carson

Beyond the solar system book cover
Added May 3, 2015

Humans have gazed into the night sky for thousands of years and wondered, what are those twinkling lights? Though the sun, moon, and planets moved across the background of stars, the stars themselves appeared immovable, forever fixed in constellations. Only when astronomers began taking a closer look did anyone realize what a fascinating, ever-changing universe lies beyond our solar system—red giant and white dwarf stars, spiral galaxies, wispy nebulae, black holes, and much more. In Beyond the Solar System, author Mary Kay Carson traces the evolution of humankind’s astronomical knowledge, from the realization that we are not at the center of the universe, to recent telescopic proof of planets orbiting stars outside our solar system. 21 hands-on projects inspire readers to further explore the subjects discussed, from a three-dimensional representation of the constellation Orion to a reflecting telescope constructed from a makeup mirror and a magnifying glass. Visit Mary Kay Carson’s official website.  Book jacket image and book description © Chicago Review Press; used with permission.

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