Blood of the Prodigal

By P.L. Gaus

Added May 6, 2011

When an Amish boy is kidnapped, can three men bridge the divide between two peoples?  The Amish, or “plain people,” and English, or “vain ones,” share a home county in the pastoral hills of Ohio. As summer approaches, boyhood friends and lifelong residents Pastor Caleb Troyer and Professor Michael Branden anticipate a season of fishing for bass, until a ten-year-old boy disappears from the home of the Amish bishop who had exiled the boy’s father a decade earlier. “Say little. Listen a lot,” are Troyer and Branden’s simple watchwords as they begin, at the behest of Bishop Eli Miller, to work the case. Following the bishop’s mysterious strictures, the pair is plunged into the traditionally closed Amish society whose followers, innately suspicious of English ways, have been suddenly made vulnerable to the dangers of the world. When the man suspected of seizing the boy turns up dead, Sheriff Bruce Robertson takes up the investigation—only to uncover truths that many, especially the bishop, would prefer to leave undisturbed. Book jacket image and book description courtesy Penguin Group USA. Used with permission. NOTE: Links in the toolkit worked when published.

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