Building trustworthy digital repositories : theory and implementation

By [Edited by] Philip C. Banti

Building trustworthy digital repositories : theory and implementation / edited by Philip C. Banti
Added January 11, 2017

Contents: 1. Evaluating and selecting a trustworthy repository. Theory: Evaluating and selecting a trustworthy repository / Philip C. Bantin -- Implementation: Selecting an integrated records and preservation management system for the Indiana Archives and Records Administration / Jim Corridan and Tibaut Houzanme -- 2. Resources, policies and management structures. Theory: Resources, policies, and management structures / Philip C. Bantin -- Implementation: Ten years and counting : what is missing from our institutional repository / Joanne Kaczmarek -- Implementation: Resources, policies, and management structures at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives / Glen McAninch -- Implementation: Building a trustworthy system : resources, policies, and management structures : understanding our trustworthiness / Erik A. Moore -- 3. Building a trustworthy system : ingest process. Theory: Ingest process / Lisa Schmidt -- Implementation: Ingest process : Michigan State University's digital archives program / Cynthia Ghering -- Implementation: Ingest process : submission and "pre-ingest" activities / Jared Lyle -- Implementation: Submission agreement in the e-health domain / Giovanni Michetti -- 4. Creating and capturing metadata. Theory: Creating and capturing metadata / Philip C. Bantin -- Implementation: Adventures in metadata : a satellite office's file share cleanup project -- Implementation: Creating and capturing metadata : an Australian digital archives case study -- Implementation: Finding a black cat in a dark room : capture and creation of usable metadata / Jane Gorjevsky and Dina Sokolova -- 5. Capturing audit trail data. Theory: Authenticity and audit trails / Daniel Noonan -- Implementation: Adventures in audit trails : a satellite office's file share cleanup project / Mimi Dionne -- Implementation: Auditing through infrastructure migrations : the use of the audit control environment (ACE) in the Chronopolis digital preservation system / Sibyl Schaefer, Michael Smorul, Michael Ritter, and David Minor -- 6. Assigning retention and disposal data. Theory: Assigning retention and disposal data / Donald Force -- Implementation: Records and archival management strategies for electronic records used by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives / Glen McAninch and Jim Cundy -- 7. Creating an access strategy. Theory: Creating an access strategy / Kris Stenson -- Implementation: Access partnerships : Washington State Archives' shared responsibility models / Debbie Bahn -- Implementation: Creating an access strategy : the Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS) / Mary Beth Herkert -- Implementation: Determining access requirements for a federal government scientific data repository / Lorraine L. Richards -- 8. Creating a secure system. Theory: Creating a secure system / Lois Evans -- Implementation: Creating a secure system : a discussion / Lois Evans -- Implementation: VISR : the Virtual Institute for Social Research / Stan Ahalt, Jay Aikat, Dan Bedard, Margaret Burchinal, Thomas Carsey, Thu-Mai Christian, Jonathan Crabtree, Nancy Dole, Howard Lander, Latanya Sweeney, and Mary Whitton -- 9. Creating a preservation strategy. Theory: Creating a preservation strategy / Lori J. Ashley -- Implementation: Building a preservation strategy around Archivematica / Bronwen Sprout and Sarah Romkey -- 10. Trustworthy systems : current status and future directions. Current status of trustworthy systems / Nancy McGovern -- What will trustworthy systems look like in the future? / Luciana Duranti

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