Cataloging and classification : an introduction

By Lois Mai Chan and Athena Salaba

Cataloging and classification : an introduction / Lois Mai Chan and Athena Salaba
Added April 7, 2016

Information resource management : description, access, organization -- Foundations, principles, conceptual models, and standards of resource description -- Records and encoding schemas -- Metadata schemas -- RDA and its foundations -- RDA : identifying manifestations and items -- RDA : identifying works and expressions -- RDA : identifying persons, families, and corporate bodies -- RDA : recording relationships -- Principles of controlled vocabularies and subject analysis -- Library of Congress subject headings -- FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) -- Sears list of subject headings -- Medical subject headings -- Classification and categorization -- Dewey decimal classification -- Library of Congress classification -- National Library of Medicine classification and other modern classification schemes--publisher

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