Colo’s Story: The Life of One Grand Gorilla

By Nancy Roe Pimm

Added May 3, 2014

When Colo was born unexpectedly on the cold concrete floor of the zoo on December 22, 1956, the book How to Raise a Baby Gorilla didn’t exist. “How do you raise a baby gorilla?” the keepers at the Columbus Zoo wondered. They raised Colo the only way they knew how—as if she were a human baby. She wore diapers, drank from bottles, and had an entire wardrobe of baby clothes. Follow Colo’s amazing journey from a cuddly baby to a feisty toddler, from a mother of three to the matriarch of a very large gorilla family, and from being the first gorilla born in captivity to the oldest living gorilla in the world. Colo has done more than live her own amazing life; she has helped teach generations of zookeepers and veterinarians what’s best for all gorillas in captivity. Readers will see many photos of Colo throughout her life. Visit Nancy Roe Pimm’s official websiteBook jacket image and book description courtesy Lerner Publishing Group. Used with permission.

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