Cultivating Culture

By Brad Federman

Cultivating Culture book cover
Added January 13, 2023

In Cultivating Culture, author, speaker, and leadership coach Brad Federman provides actionable tools for immediately promoting better teamwork, creating two-way conversations with your people, and gaining better feedback about how things are really going. With the belief that we are what we talk about, Federman offers more than 100 ways to engage your team in conversations that matter. Make your meetings about more than tasks, deadlines, and problems, and instead utilize Cultivating Culture’s pre-meeting notes and activities to grow a deeper understanding of the work you’re doing and why. Activities are divided into eight key focus areas: Leadership, Communication, Talent development,  Inclusion, Team harmony,  Solution seeking,  Safety,  and Serving your customers. Regular attention to these principles will not only sustain your culture and amplify the presence of your values at work, but result in exponential growth in all of your endeavors. Cultivating Culture is your practical, accessible guide to becoming the most effective leader you can, 15 purposeful minutes at a time.

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