Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent your Work, and Never Get Stuck

By Jon Acuff

Added August 13, 2015

The Career Savings Account -- Do this first -- Relationships. You don't know who you know ; Give your foes what they need most ; Casual counts ; Great careers take great advocates ; Don't burn many bridges ; Community shines brightest in the darkness of a career bump -- Skills. You have more skills than you think ; Master the invisible skills ; Never become a dinosaur ; Win the way you won before ; Kick-start your new skills with something fun ; Skills get sharp slowly and dull quickly ; Grab the right kind of hammer for your career ceiling -- Character. Plant an orchard ; Generosity is a game changer ; Empathy, no longer just for people who like to cry with friends ; Be present ; Never jump without character -- Hustle. Grit is a choice, not a feeling ; Hustle has seasons: use awareness to recognize them ; Career yoga ; Always use this to multiply the moment ; Three final words you'll tell me someday soon From library catalog description.

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