Why don’t Americans vote? : causes and consequences

By [Editors] / Bridgett A. King and Kathleen Hale

Why don't Americans vote? : causes and consequences
Added December 9, 2016

Contents: Introduction: Why don't Americans vote? : the history of the franchise in the United States / Bridgett A. King -- Declining trust and efficacy and its role in political participation / Megan M. Ruxton and Kyle L. Saunders -- Qualifying to vote : voter registration requirements / Gayle Alberda -- Digitizing democracy : online voter registration / Krysha Gregorowicz and Thad E. Hall -- Political citizenship : whether and why college students vote / Jodi Benenson, Margaret Brower, and Nancy L. Thomas -- Nonprofit voter registration and the limitations on nonprofit advocacy / Kelly Krawczyk -- Why bother? : apathy in the American electorate / Anne M. Cizmar -- It's not convenient : early and weekend voting / Keith Smith and Dari Sylvester-Tran -- It's not convenient : absentee voting and the federal write-in absentee ballot / Thad E. Hall, Krysha Gregorowicz, and Leah Alley -- It's not convenient : should other states follow the Northwest and vote by mail? / Priscilla L. Southwell -- Logistical barriers to voting / Elizabeth Bergman and Dari Sylvester-Tran -- Voter identification requirements and participation : a cause for alarm? / Ryan Voris -- Barred from the booth : felony disenfranchisement / Bridgett A. King -- Politics of representation : the two-party system / Linda M. Trautman -- Geography of representation : gerrymandering, representation, and turnout / Christopher N. Lawrence -- Dynamics of direct democracy and voter turnout / Dominic D. Wells -- Midterm election blues / Robert Postic -- Political polarization : the shift from the middle / Benjamin W. Cole -- It's over before it began : pre-election polling and the early release of election results / Robert C. Chalwell Jr. -- Tenor of modern political campaigns : alienation and voter turnout / Priscilla L. Southwell -- Mobilization through third party groups / Mitchell Brown

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