Don’t Panic! How to Manage Your Finances–And Financial Anxieties–During and After Coronavirus

By Christine Ibbotson

Don't Panic! How to Manage Your Finances--And Financial Anxieties--During and After Coronavirus book cover
Added June 2, 2021

As soon as the COVID-19 global pandemic hit North America, Licensed Financial Advisor Christine Ibbotson, syndicated "Ask the Money Lady" columnist and recent author of How to Retire Debt-Free and Wealthy, started receiving hundreds of emails from concerned citizens. Should I sell off my stocks? How should I budget my spending during a temporary work stoppage? Is a mortgage payment holiday a really good thing--what's the catch? How can we use this situation to make money and lower debt? Ibbotson has worked quickly and diligently in the face of this global financial crisis to provide readers in Canada, the US, and UK with a collection of thoughtful responses to, and practical advice for, their most pressing concerns. Topics include what help banks and governments can offer during the pandemic, what we can learn from past financial crises, how to financially secure your future--including pent-up demand that will turn the markets, and best investment and lending strategies--and how to create a financial plan and move your finances in a different direction, ultimately leading to a safe and secure--and maybe even early--retirement.

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