Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big Fat Quitter

By Carmella Van Vleet

Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big Fat Quitter book cover
Added December 15, 2016

Eliza has had many hobbies in her eleven years, and most of them haven't lasted very long. After she and her friend Tony create a baking business for a class project, Eliza is certain that cake decorating is her destiny. Her parents insist that the summer "Cakes with Caroline" class is too expensive, given Eliza's history of quickly losing interest in things. Desperate to show them that she can be diligent, she volunteers to take her brother's unwanted spot in a taekwondo class. At first, Eliza has absolutely no interest in martial arts, and taekwondo is a huge challenge for her since she has ADHD. Eliza is tempted to drop out right away, especially when mean girl Madison shows up in class. But a true martial artist never quits. Can Eliza rise to the challenge? Visit Carmella Van Vleet’s official website. Book description courtesy Holiday House; used with permission.

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