Emergency Preparedness for Libraries

By Julie Todaro

Emergency Preparedness for Libraries book cover
Added December 7, 2021

Despite the volumes of information they contain, few libraries know how to prepare for, endure, and survive any type of disaster. This completely updated second edition of Emergency Preparedness for Libraries provides library management with a comprehensive guide to planning and executing emergency procedures. Emergency Preparedness for Libraries provides library personnel with detailed instructions for protecting staff, patrons, and the facilities themselves, including: -Steps to take now, before disaster strikes -People and procedures to include in an emergency/disaster action plan -Practical ways to turn written plans into an instinctual team response -Safety considerations to take into account when caring for people on-site during an emergency -Information to provide to the umbrella organization and the media after a disaster -Key things to do the first few days after an event -Tips for getting back to business

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