Engagement for Equitable Outcomes

By Kathryn Newcomer, Quentin Wilson, and Allyson Criner Brown

Engagement for Equitable Outcomes book cover
Added September 13, 2022

Engagement for Equitable Outcomes provides practical suggestions for practitioners addressing urgent social problems and reducing inequities in their communities. Newcomer, Wilson, and Brown offer approaches and models customized to local conditions and equity-focused guidance for innovating and adapting encouraging interventions. Their approach stresses intentional end-user engagement and collaboration, including a five-step Data and Engagement for Equitable, Measurable Outcomes Model: 1) inclusively collaborating to prioritize equitable outcomes; 2) identifying and developing promising interventions; 3) engaging and adapting to implement customized interventions; 4) scaling interventions for maximum impact; and 5) sustaining and improving equity-focused programming. The authors provide road maps, check lists, insights, and practical tips for navigating these five essential practices. Ultimately, this book is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and perspectives of policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and citizens interested in addressing urgent social problems with sustainable, equitable results.

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