Excuse me : the survival guide to modern business etiquette

By by Rosanne J. Thomas

Excuse me : the survival guide to modern business etiquette by Rosanne J. Thomas
Added November 6, 2017

“Blending classic wisdom with new realities, Excuse Me helps you stand out as a true professional in the face of open-plan offices, constant connectivity, generational conflicts, and many other challenges. Drawing on the author's experience teaching business etiquette at top organizations, the book explains how to: know what to say in the face of incivility, present a spotless online presence, accept and embrace differences, exude a positive attitude, dress to fit your office culture, make great first impressions, collaborate with people of all ages, adjust to cubicle life, read nonverbal cues, become a better listener, avoid social media blunders, entertain clients with confidence, and much more. Packed with examples of exemplary behaviors and common mistakes, Excuse Me untangles the nuances of good manners, and helps you smooth bumps, promote civility, and get ahead in your career."--book flap

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