The executive branch of state government : people, process, and politics

By Margaret R. Ferguson

Book cover for The Executive Branch of State Government
Added June 7, 2016

Contents: 1. Introduction to State Executives -- Fundamentals of the Executive Branch -- The Constancy of Change -- Governors: Central Figures in the States -- The State Bureaucracy -- The Separation of Powers: Placing the Executive Branch in the American System -- The Problem of Gubernatorial Power: A Historical Overview -- Post-Revolutionary War Period -- The Nineteenth Century -- The Twentieth Century and Beyond -- The State Bureaucracy: A Historical Overview -- Executive Branch Officials -- Organization of the Bureaucracies -- Size of Bureaucracies -- The Significance of the Bureaucracy -- 2. Roles, Functions, and Powers of the Governors -- Roles of the Governors -- Chief Legislator -- Chief Executive -- Chief of State.~from library catalog.         Note: An E-Book version is available for state of Ohio employees only.

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