Favorite Sons

By Robin Yocum

Added May 6, 2013

Hutch Van Buren was a carefree fifteen-year-old boy searching for arrowheads in a small industrial town in Ohio with his three closest friends when an altercation between his comrades and Petey Sanchez, a troubled seventeen-year-old, led to Petey’s accidental death. Together, Hutch and his friends become ensnared in a web of secrets. One-Eyed Jack, a local ne’er do-well and child molester, goes to prison for the crime while the boys keep their pact of silence, each shouldering the burden of truth in his own way. Thirty-three years later, Van Buren is the prosecuting attorney in Summit County, Ohio, and a candidate for state attorney general when he learns that he and his boyhood friends weren’t the only ones keeping a secret about Petey’s death. One-Eyed Jack has been released from prison and, facing new charges as a sex offender, attempts to blackmail Van Buren in exchange for his continued silence. Van Buren must decide between his political career and the duty of the office he has sworn to uphold. With the clock ticking, Van Buren has a week to seek out his boyhood friends and search his soul while he sorts out three decades of deceit he helped create. Book jacket image and book description courtesy Arcade Publishing. Used with permission.

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