Guns 360

By Eric S. See, Christopher M. Bellas, and Sarah A. See

Guns 360 book cover
Added October 11, 2022

Guns 360 takes a comprehensive and common-sense approach to some of the most difficult issues facing not only the criminal justice system but also society as a whole: firearm possession, regulation, and control. Issues related to firearms cut across all dimensions of society and are a concern to everyone from the members of the general public, law enforcement, academics, politicians, public health agencies, and the media. An interdisciplinary approach is needed to fully understand and appreciate the many facets related to firearms. Firearm related issues cover more than mere ownership and possession. School shootings and mass shootings dominate the headlines and cause fear for both parents and students. Firearm regulation and licensing divide politicians and create solid one issue voting blocks. Firearms used in domestic violence incidents and weapons owned and used by the mentally ill generate more victims than solutions. The marketing, messaging, and purchasing of firearms are all shaped by a variety of criminological, sociological, and psychological forces used to influence commercial behavior. This book combines academics in the fields of criminology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, communications with practical experts with law enforcement, military, management, forensics, public health, medicine, and digital forensics backgrounds. This multidisciplinary approach has been brought together to further our understanding of firearms and their impacts on our society from every angle. Firearms will never disappear, nor will the controversy surrounding them suddenly turn into agreement. What can be accomplished however is an increased knowledge, understanding, and discussion of the complex topics involved within these debates.

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