Hopewell ceremonial landscapes of Ohio : more than mounds and geometric earthworks

By Mark J. Lynott

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Added November 8, 2015

Contents: Chapter 1. More than mounds and ditches, an introduction to Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes. Ohio and the Beginning of North American archaeology -- Mortuary mounds and artifacts -- Expanding research interests in earthworks and ceremonial centers -- Ohio Hopewell constructed landscapes and the digital revolution -- Ohio Hopewell : an iconic name and iconic sites, but what is it? -- Chapter 2. Current issues in the construction of Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes. Hopewell variation and distribution -- Time and Hopewell archaeology -- Energy analysis : how many people did it take to build Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes -- Sedentary farmers or mobile foragers? -- Mensuration, geometry, and the sky -- Alignments and reading the heavens -- The great Hopewell road -- Were ceremonial landscapes planned designs? : models and hypotheses -- Chapter 3. The Hopeton Earthworks Project. Geophysical survey and trench excavations -- Embankment wall features : geoarchaeology; radiocarbon results -- Non-embankment wall features -- Near the Earthworks : Triangle, Red Wing, Overly, and Cryder sites -- What have we learned about the Hopeton Earthworks? -- Chapter 4. Studies of Ohio Hopewell ceremonial landscapes. South-eastern Ohio : Newark Earthworks; Marietta -- Scioto River valley : Seip; High Bank Earthwork; Anderson Earthwork; Mound City; Hopewell Mound Group; Shriver Circle; Spruce Hill -- South-west Ohio : Brush Creek, the Great Miami and Little Miami River drainages : Fort Hill, Highland County; Fort Ancient; Foster's Crossing; Pollock Works; Miami Fort; Turner Group of Earthworks; Stubbs Earthwork -- Chapter 5. What do we know about Hopewell ceremonial landscapes? Constructed landscapes, site preparation and planning -- Material selection and the placement of material : art or engineering? -- Landscape features : unique and diverse -- Time and landscape construction -- How were ceremonial landscapes used? : Ritual refuse pits at the Riverside site, Hopewell Mound Group; The Moorehead Circle, Fort Ancient; Craft Houses and other wooden structures; A great post-circle and many buildings; Beyond the enclosure at Mound City -- Some additional thoughts -- Chapter 6. Some final thoughts : what we still need to learn. Landscapes and time -- Southern Ohio before monument construction -- The meaning behind landscape forms -- Settlement sites and ceremonial landscapes -- When and why did the Hopewell era end? -- Beyond southern Ohio -- Future studies and final thoughts -- Appendix 1. A model of the construction of Hopeton Earthworks / by Timothy Schilling -- Appendix 2. Ohio Hopewell ceremonial sites open to the public ~ from the catalog

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