How Am I Doing?

By Corey Yeager

How Am I Doing? book cover
Added March 8, 2023

Dr. Corey Yeager,  offers you 40 questions to help you raise awareness of your thoughts and emotions and reconnect with who you want to be. Over the course of these 40 conversations with yourself, you're invited to: Build trust with yourself; Consider how past traumas affect your life today; Grow a practice of positive self-talk; Let go of guilt and regret from your past; and, Develop mental health strategies for what to for moments when you're depressed or anxious Increase your confidence and embrace your emotions. Each of the 40 questions is paired with a short, thoughtful reflection from Dr. Yeager, along with prompts and self-care strategies to help you look at yourself in the mirror and come into alignment with who you want to be. So join the conversation; nothing is off-limits here. Come check in with yourself and take these small, simple steps to journey toward a more honest and harmonious way of living.

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