Immigrant children and youth : psychological challenges

By Alberto M. Bursztyn and Carol Korn-Bursztyn [editors]

Book cover for Immigrant children and youth : psychological challenges
Added March 7, 2016

Contents: Introduction : Mental health risks and possibilities in cultural transition / Alberto M. Bursztyn -- Acculturation in immigrant youths: the role of adaptation in mental health / Marc Fowler and Alberto M.Bursztyn -- Identities under construction: portraits of urban Latino adolescents / Alexandros Orphanides and Alberto M. Bursztyn -- The heart will know: loss and reunification / Anna Malyukova and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Where is home? a narrative of loss and resilience / Johnny Thach and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Sadness all about and I'm wearing pink pants: separation and reunification / Myrtle Dickson and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- On crafting a resiliency narrative / Malya Schulman and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Latino immigrant youths and the transnational family / Gabriela Santana Betancourt and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Psychological vulnerability in second language learning / Alexandra Ponce de León-LeBec and Alberto M. Bursztyn -- Immigrant youths and the language of music / Angelica Ortega and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Sex trafficking and migrant youths / Jacquelin Mueller and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- You learn when you fall down: experience and adaptation in a program for court-involved youths / Parvoneh Shirgir -- Narratives of immigrant community college students / Stacey J. Cooper and Carol Korn-Bursztyn -- Undocumented Latino youths reach for college: coming of age in a time of uncertainty / Sally Robles -- Conclusion : Beyond psychopathology and toward resilience / Alberto M. Bursztyn and Carol Kort-Bursztyn--publisher

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