It’s Probably Nothing

By Casey Gueren

It's Probably Nothing book cover
Added April 4, 2022

From stress-induced symptom searching and "miracle cures" to the wellness fads filling your social media timeline, health journalist Casey Gueren digs into why we're so anxious about our health and how to separate medical facts from fiction. Surrounded by "health hacks" and clickbait headlines, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and underprepared when it comes to taking care of your health. But despite what the wellness industry told you, you don't need another cleanse, detox, or supplement--you need a crash course in separating hype from health. In It's Probably Nothing you'll find a health journalist's tools and tips to. . . Fine-tune your B.S. detector and spot the wellness industry's sneaky tricks. Get answers to your health questions without spiraling down search holes. Manage health stress and learn to listen to your body (just enough). Decode the latest overhyped health headlines. Find compassionate, evidence-based care that works for you. And so much more. Packed with illuminating information, funny personal anecdotes, concrete strategies for coping, and quotes from dozens of medical experts, this book is the perfect companion for navigating our wellness-obsessed world with a little less stress and a lot more information.

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