Mr. President, how long must we wait?: Alice Paul, Woodrow Wilson, and the fight for the right to vote

By Tina Cassidy

Mr. President, how long must we wait?: Alice Paul, Woodrow Wilson, and the fight for the right to vote by Tina Cassidy
Added April 16, 2019

An eye-opening, inspiring, and timely account of the complex relationship between leading suffragist Alice Paul and President Woodrow Wilson in the fight for women's equality. Woodrow Wilson arrives in Washington, DC, in March 1913, a day before he is to take the presidential oath of office. He is surprised by the modest turnout. The crowds and reporters are blocks away from Union Station, watching a parade of eight thousand suffragists on Pennsylvania Avenue in a first-of-its-kind protest organized by a twenty-five-year-old activist named Alice Paul and led by a woman riding a white horse. The next day, the New York Times calls the procession "one of the most impressively beautiful spectacles ever staged in this country." [This book] weaves together two story lines: the trajectories of Alice Paul and Woodrow Wilson, two apparent opposites. Paul's procession of suffragists resulted in her being granted a face-to-face meeting with President Wilson, one that would lead to many meetings and much discussion, but little progress for women. With no equality in sight and patience wearing thin, Paul organized the first group ever to picket on the White House lawn--night and day, through sweltering summer mornings and frigid fall nights. From solitary confinement, hunger strikes, and mental institutions to ever more determined activism, [this book] reveals the courageous, near-death journey it took, spearheaded in no small part by Alice Paul's leadership, for women to win the right to vote in America. A rousing portrait of a little-known feminist heroine and an inspiring exploration of a crucial moment in American history--one century before the Women's March--this is a perfect book for fans of Keith O'Brien's Fly Girls and Jon Meacham's The Soul of America. ~ Summary from book jacket

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