Rebel Speak

By Bryonn Rolly Bain

Rebel Speak book cover
Added November 7, 2022

Through dialogues with activists including Albert Woodfox, founder of the first Black Panther Party prison chapter, and Susan Burton, founder of Los Angeles's A New Way of Life Reentry Project; a conversation with a warden pushing beyond traditions at Sing Sing Correctional Facility; and an intimate exchange with his brother returning from prison, Bryonn reveals countless unseen spaces of the movement to end human caging. Sampling his provocative sessions with influential artists and culture workers, like Public Enemy leader Chuck D and radical feminist MC Maya Jupiter, Bryonn opens up and guides discussions about the power of art and activism to build solidarity across disciplines and demand justice. With raw insight and radical introspection, Rebel Speak embodies the growing call for 'credible messengers' on prisons, policing, racial justice, abolitionist politics, and transformative organizing. .

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