Representing the rainbow in young adult literature: LGBTQ+ content since 1969

By Christine A. Jenkins and Michael Cart

Christine A. Jenkins and Michael Cart
Added February 6, 2019

Discussions of gender and sexuality have become part of mainstream conversations and are reflected in the work of more and more writers of fiction, particularly in literature aimed at young adult audiences. But young readers, regardless of their sexual orientation, don't always know which books offer well-rounded portrayals of queer characters and situations. Fortunately, finding positive role models in fiction that features LGBTQ+ themes has become less problematic, though not without its challenges. In Representing the Rainbow in Young Adult Literature: LGBTQ+ Content since 1969, Christine A. Jenkins and Michael Cart provide an overview of the LGBTQ+ literary landscape. An expanded version of The Heart Has Its Reasons, this volume charts the evolution of young adult literature featuring characters and themes that resonate with LGBTQ+ readers and their allies. In this resource, Jenkins and Cart identify titles that are notable either for their excellence--accurate, thoughtful, and tactful depictions--or weaknesses--wrongheaded, stereotypical, or outdated portrayals. Each chapter has been significantly updated, and this edition also includes new chapters on bisexual, transgender, and intersex issues and characters, as well as chapters on comics, graphic novels, and nonfiction. This book also features an annotated bibliography and a number of author-title lists of books discussed in the text that will aid teachers, librarians, parents, and teen readers. Encompassing an array of sexual and gender identities, Representing the Rainbow in Young Adult Literature is an invaluable resource for young people eager to read books relevant to them and their lives. ~ Summary from book jacket

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