Say Thank You for Everything

By Jim Edwards

Say Thank You for Everything book cover
Added March 8, 2023

This is a  guide to management that shows you the right way to lead a business, inspired by Jim Edwards's experience of helping to transform a small unread blog into a business with 200 million readers and hundreds of employees. Based on a legendary internal email that distilled 19 things a new manager might find helpful, Say Thank You For Everything will show you: the "whales and fails" method of decision-making that systematically improves your team's results, the incredible power of being slightly better than average, why good hiring is 80% of everything, how to increase productivity and reduce burnout at the same time, why your teams should never be bigger than five people, the importance of taking your enemies out to lunch, the surprising places great ideas actually come from, the dark arts of successful management, and much more.

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