Seeing People Through

By Nate Regier

Seeing People Through book cover
Added April 16, 2021

NASA, Pixar, and BMW all use the Process Communication Model as a way of training leaders to connect effortlessly with anyone. This book simplifies the complex model to make it easy for anyone to use. Assessments like MBTI, DiSC, and StrengthsFinder are popular tools for understanding personality. Unfortunately, the results often isolate people in neat boxes rather than build bridges across their differences. In contrast, the Process Communication Model (PCM) helps you find the shared ground between you and the people you speak with. According to PCM, we all have a feeler, a thinker, a believer, a dreamer, a rebel, and a promoter within us; it's the proportions that vary. We default to communicating with our strongest part, when we should be communicating using the part we have most in common with others. Over one million people in fifty countries have been trained in this model, but this is the first book written with the goal of being easily understood by untrained people. Seeing People Through will help leaders support their people in facing any challenge and get organizations communicating on mutually beneficial terms.

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