Seen and Unseen

By Marc Lamont Hill and Todd Brewster

Seen and Unseen book cover
Added November 14, 2022

Marc Lamont Hill and  Todd Brewster weave some of the most pivotal recent moments in the country's racial divide--the killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the harassment of Christian Cooper--into their historical context. In doing so, they reveal the common thread between these harrowing incidents: video recordings and the immediacy of technology has irrevocably changed our conversations about race and in many instances tipped the levers of power in favor of the historically disadvantaged. Drawing on the powerful role of technology as a driver of history, identity, and racial consciousness, Seen and Unseen asks why, after so much video confirmation of police violence on people of color, it took the footage of George Floyd to trigger an overwhelming response of sympathy and outrage? In the vein of The New Jim Crow and Caste, Seen and Unseen incisively explores what connects our moment to the history of race in America but also what makes today different from the civil rights movements of the past and what it will ultimately take to push social justice forward.

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