Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!

By Maureen Wright

Illustrated By Will Hillenbrand

Added May 6, 2011

When Old Man Winter softly reminds Big Bear that it’s time to hibernate, Big Bear doesn’t hear well and thinks he said “Drive a jeep, Big Bear, drive a jeep.” Tired Big Bear causes havoc as he drives around town. This sequence continues as Old Man Winter continually says, “Sleep, Big Bear, sleep” and Big Bear responds to what he thinks he hears. He sweeps, leaps, dives deep, and climbs a steep mountain, before Old Man Winter finally yells: “Hey there, Bear! Did you hear what I said? It’s winter time, now go to bed!’” A friendly rabbit adds to the fun as it follows Big Bear on all of his adventures and finally joins him in his cozy den. Visit Will Hillenbrand’s official websiteBook jacket image and book description courtesy Will Hillenbrand. Used with permission.

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