The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions

By Susan Liautaud

The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions book cover
Added June 15, 2022

The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions presents some of our most thought-provoking ethical dilemmas in a welcoming, easy-to-discuss format. Does a child have the right to take away their elderly parent’s car keys? Are you obligated to help your neighbor? Should police departments be allowed to use facial recognition technology? Should voting be mandatory? The best conversations are the ones that tackle the big, life-altering issues. Whether these conversations occur in dorm rooms, meetings, or around the dinner table, ethical quandaries make for compelling discussions. These questions allow us a moment to pause and consider: What would you have done? What’s the context? Is there one correct answer? And ultimately—can ethics guide us to answer all these questions better? In The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions, Susan Liautaud, a renowned ethicist who consults clients worldwide from global corporations to NGOs, presents intriguing, useful questions in a clear, appealing way designed to encourage lively discussion. Liautaud explores how you might approach each dilemma, offering more context, so you have all the information you need to come to your own conclusion. Small enough to take with you on the go, The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions provides just what you need for thought-provoking, fun, engaging discussions to learn more about yourself, others, and the world we live in.

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