The Many Meanings of Meilan

By Andrea Wang

The Many Meanings of Meilan book jacket
Added December 23, 2022

A Choose to Read Ohio selection. Meilan Hua’s world is made up of a few key ingredients: her family’s beloved matriarch, Năinai; the family bakery in Boston’s Chinatown; and the Chinese fairy tales Meilan loves. After Năinai passes, the family has a falling out that sends Meilan, her parents, and her grieving grandfather on the road in search of a new home, landing in Redbud, Ohio. Everything in Redbud is the opposite of Chinatown, and Meilan’s not quite sure who she is. The Many Meanings of Meilan is an exploration of all the things it’s possible to grieve, the injustices large and small that make us rage, and the peace that’s unlocked when we learn to find home within ourselves. Use the Choose to Read Ohio toolkit for The Many Meanings of Meilan to plan book discussions, library programs, or classroom activities. Visit Andrea Wang's website. Book jacket image and book description courtesy Penguin Random House. Used with permission.

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