The Metaverse

By Matthew Ball

The Metaverse book cover
Added September 13, 2022

What, exactly, is the Metaverse? According to pioneering theorist and venture capitalist Matthew Ball, it is the successor to the mobile internet that has defined the last two decades. The Metaverse is a persistent, 3D, virtual world a network of interconnected experiences and devices, tools and infrastructure, far beyond mere virtual reality. And it is poised to revolutionize every industry and function, from finance and healthcare to payments, consumer products, and even sex work. The internet will no longer be at arm's length; instead, it will surround us, with our lives, labor, and leisure taking place inside the Metaverse. Bringing clarity and authority to an exciting yet frequently misunderstood concept, The Metaverse predicts trillions of dollars in new value and the radical reshaping of society.

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