The Month-by-Month Gardening Guide

By Franz Bohmig

The Month-by-Month Gardening Guide book cover
Added August 8, 2022

How, when, and where are common questions for every home gardener—no matter their level of experience. How do I prune my lilac? When do I start my tomato seeds? Where should I plant my hydrangea? The list of questions goes on and on. The Month-By-Month Gardening Guide is here to help. This compendium of practical advice share thousands of tasks and chores broken down for every week of the year. And it covers every type of plant: vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs, herbs, and houseplants. Readers will find general growing advice; suggestions for care and maintenance; tips for planting in a variety of areas (outdoor, on terraces and balconies, on windowsills, and indoors); best practices for harvesting; tricks for helping your houseplants thrive; and much more. A wealth of tables and lists of individual plant varieties include details on soil requirements, planting times, harvesting tips, and more. The Month-By-Month Gardening Guide is a year-long primer on what to do when. It is a must-have for any home gardener, new or experienced, seeking clear guidance on garden success.

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