The Nowhere Office

By Julia Hobsbawm

The Nowhere Office book cover
Added June 15, 2022

The pandemic has accelerated shifts caused by increased automation and the 4th Industrial Revolution, and perhaps as much as one third of the world's permanent workforce will become remote-based; where offices as we know it will need to be repurposed for less and different kinds of occupancy; where the challenges of managing 'WFH' teams multiply, and where the idea of 'Purpose' itself - of meaningful work - begins to take center stage. This book takes the view that these changes are irreversible to some degree and yet should be broadly welcomed as a moment to improve on the failures of the workplace. The Nowhere Office is an analysis of this pivotal moment in the history of work. Julia Hobsbawm, a leading voice on the social health of businesses offers a strategic and practical guide, voicing the problems that beset work -the endemic stagnant productivity and stress crisis that predated the pandemic - and asks: isn't now the time to develop something better, something more meaningful, something more workable?

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