The Power of Employee Resource Groups

By Farzana Nayani

The Power of Employee Resource Groups book cover
Added September 13, 2022

Employee resource groups (ERGs) have been present for decades. Originating out of affirmative action policies, they have evolved into powerful sources of employee activity and engagement that organizations have leveraged to support business goals. But ERGs can help create a more inclusive and just world at the same time that they serve company interests. This book focuses on how to build and manage ERGs effectively and why organizations should pay close attention to these groups as a source for engagement, innovation, belonging, feedback, and direction on tough issues. Farzana Nayani provides foundational tools and frameworks for starting and supporting an ERG. She also offers guidance for how ERGs can create impact in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and can motivate action toward a more equitable society overall. This is not just a handbook or a reference guide. It also serves as a deeper call to action around how, with more effective ERGs, we can truly progress toward the DEI goals that we are all setting out to accomplish.

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