The Raging 2020s

By Alec Ross

The Raging 2020s book cover
Added December 7, 2021

Starting with the industrial revolution, companies have held the power to shape our daily lives in ways both positive and negative, while the state held the power to make them fall in line, and the people held the power to choose their leaders. This compact, through ups and downs, stood firm for 150 years. But in the latest wave of globalization, the balance has shaken loose. As the market consolidates under fewer and larger companies, the lines between Walmart and the Halls of Congress have become razor thin. It’s in the interest of private companies to behave like nations—to invest in defense, foreign contracts, data mining, and intelligence. And when the government is bogged down in bureaucratic negotiations and partisan wars, unable to act on healthcare, wage increases, and climate change, people begin to look to nimble, powerful companies to solve these problems—and to be our moral standard–bearers.  In The Raging 2020s, Ross weaves insights from some of the world’s most influential thinkers—including Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Xi Jinping—into fascinating stories of corporate activism and malfeasance, government failure and renewal, and innovative economic and political models being implemented around the world, to propose a new social contract—one that benefits workers and everyday citizens in the face of unprecedented global change.

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