Transgressing Teacher Education

By Alice E. Ginsberg

Transgressing Teacher Education book cover
Added May 9, 2022

This book is a series of original strategies that teacher educators, teacher candidates and practicing teachers can use to think critically about issues of equity, diversity, opportunity, and social justice in urban education. As the demographic of students in America is quickly becoming a "majority minority" we need teachers more than ever who can teach to diverse student populations, can utilize culturally relevant pedagogy, and have critically reflected on their own biases and stereotypes. We also need to empower teachers who are committed to social justice to navigate through school systems that are rife with structural inequities. This book will help ensure that teacher candidates are getting this preparation and able to continue to reflect on these issues in their practice. The book is designed as a "textbook" or more accurately "workbook" with original strategies and critical reflection and discussion questions included in each chapter. The strategies can be done sequentially or in any order. In addition, they will be able to read counternarratives from their peers, which should encourage them to persist in the profession even when things get rough

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