Trouble Don’t Last

By Shelley Pearsall

Added May 6, 2009

Samuel and Harrison, two slaves on a Kentucky farm, are in search of freedom and Samuel’s mother when they escape to Canada via the Underground Railroad in this novel set in 1859. Eleven-year-old Samuel seems content with his life as a slave and his work in Master Hackler’s kitchen where he is under the watchful eye of Lilly, a fellow slave and mother figure. He wonders about freedom, but doesn’t understand what it really means until Harrison, an elderly slave, snatches him from his bed and takes him on a long journey to Canada. Together, the young boy and old man run at night and sleep in hiding places during the day. Though constantly on the alert for slave hunters, the two are helped by conductors on the Underground Railroad, including a river man who gets them across the Ohio River. Along the way, Harrison reveals an important secret about Samuel’s mother, and the two wonder about Lilly, who is back on Hackler’s farm, and what will happen to them when they reach Canada.The journey north seems much more frightening than Master Hackler ever was, and Samuel is not sure what freedom means aside from running, hiding, and starving. But as they move from one refuge to the next on the Underground Railroad, Samuel discovers the secret of his own past--and future. And old Harrison begins to see beyond a lifetime of hurt to the promise of a new life. Visit Shelley Pearsall’s official websiteBook jacket image and book description courtesy Penguin Random House.

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