By Lisa Rosner

Vaccination book cover
Added October 11, 2022

This latest addition to the series is the first reference work on vaccines written through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic. It asks--and answers--questions raised by the pandemic, such as how vaccines work, what causes side effects, and how Covid-19 vaccines were developed so quickly. It also addresses broader questions, such as how to protect vaccine supply chains and how to prevent public health issues from being politicized. In addition to correcting or clarifying well-known misinformation and misunderstandings about vaccines (such as false claims that they have been linked to autism), this book also provides up-to-date research on ways to counter disinformation and decrease vaccine hesitancy. Features an easy-to-navigate question-and-answer format Uses quantifiable data from authoritative sources as the foundation for examining every issue Provides readers with leads to conduct further research in extensive Further Reading sections for each entry Provides clear, accessible information on how vaccines work; examines how vaccination policy evolves and changes to meet new challenges, such as Covid-19; and analyzes current and ongoing vaccine controversies pertaining to vaccines developed to protect against Covid-19 and other diseases

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