What Happens Next

By Colleen Clayton

Added May 3, 2015

Sixteen-year-old cheerleader Cassidy “Sid” Murphy ends up on a ski lift next to a handsome college boy. She’s thrilled—but he isn’t all that he seems. What happens—and what follows that—is a surprising, devastating, but ultimately triumphant journey for an indelible and sharp young woman who loses almost everything after a night she can’t remember. Debut author Colleen Clayton’s What Happens Next is filled with sharp and incisive moments, recalling the best of Sarah Dessen and Laurie Halse Anderson. With brutal honesty and a compassion-filled light touch, What Happens Next deftly navigates issues including date rape, eating disorders, financial difficulties, and living in a single-parent household. Sid makes new friends, falls in love, and discovers that becoming whole again will depend on her willingness to take ownership of not only what happened already, but also what will happen to her next. What Happens Next will speak to the experiences of young women everywhere as they discover the challenges associated with being female in a modern world where their bodies and self-images are under both emotional and physical assault from without and within. Book jacket image and book description courtesy Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; used with permission.  

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