Where We Used to Roam

By Jenn Bishop

Where We Used to Roam book jacket
Added December 23, 2022

A Choose to Read Ohio selection. When Emma starts sixth grade, things finally begin to change. She may still be in the shadow of her older brother, Austin, the popular high school quarterback, but she’s made artsy new friends who get her way more than her bookish best friend, Becca. But things are changing for Austin, too. After undergoing surgery for a football injury, Austin has become addicted to opioid painkillers. When their parents decide to send Austin to rehab and Emma to stay with family friends in Wyoming for the summer, Emma seizes the chance to get away. Wyoming turns out to be a perfect fresh start, especially after Emma makes friends with Tyler, a kindred spirit who doesn’t judge her. Still, Emma can’t hide forever, or go back to the way things were with Austin or with Becca. But can she find a way to confront the truth and move forward? Use the Choose to Read Ohio toolkit for Where We Used to Roam to plan book discussions, library programs, or classroom activities. Visit Jenn Bishop's website. Book jacket image and book description courtesy Simon & Schuster. Used with permission.

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