Winning the War for Talent

By Chris Czarnik

Winning the War for Talent book cover
Added July 19, 2021

There are 74 million people in the Baby Boomer generation, and they are now retiring at a rate of 10,000 employees PER DAY! There are only 65 million people in Generation X, so for at least the next decade, there are simply not enough people to fill the open jobs in America (currently approximately 6.7 million). Employers need to wake up and realize that employees now have choices, and there is a war for the most talented, dependable people to join your team vs. someone else's. Chris Czarnik's experience as an HR manager, college career services manager and executive outplacement guru gives him rare insight into why employees come to and leave organizations. With more than 2,000 individual job searches under his belt he knows which companies will win (or lose) the talent war...and why. Full of strategies that can be implemented quickly and audited accurately you will be shaking your head because it all makes so much sense. This guide has already been selected by a nationwide association of more than 2,500 businesses to give their members the advantage they need to fill their organization with great people who will stay for the long term.

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