Women, Work, and the Web

By Carol Smallwood (Edited by)

Added August 13, 2015

Part I. Fostering change.

  • Blogging to Create Change / Amanda Peach ;
  • Creating Opportunities for Women on the Web: A Mother's Quest / Denise Powell ;
  • Girl's Human Rights and Virtual Empowerment: Celebrating the First International Day of the Girl with a Virtual Summit / Emily Bent
  • Establishing Onllne Business Identities: How Female Small Business Owners Use Social Media to Market Their Business / Kara Poe Alexander ;
  • Find a Hub / Kamina Holmes ;
  • KHORAI: Promoting Reproductive and Maternal Mental Health through an Innovative Web Presence / Marie Hansen Tasha Muresan , and Aurélie Athan ;
  • Leveraging the Power of the Web for Work:  Female Veterans Online Efforts to Combat Unemployment / D. Alexis Hart and Mariana Grohowski ;
  • Tips for Starting Your Own Dream Business on eBay and Etsy in Thirty Days or Less / Kathleen Clauson --
Part II. Running a Business.
  • Plus-Size Fashion Blogging for a "Size" of Our Own / Jill Andrew and Aisha Fairclough ;
  • Leveraging the Linky Party: Knowledge Sharing in the Blogosphere / Jennifer Russum ;
  • Looking at the Technology Trends of Life Coaches: Finding and Using Successful Online Businss-Building Tools / Melissa Cornwell ;
  • Social, Digital, and Business Entrepreneurship: From Online Community to Business Opportunity / Jennifer Sintime ; Vodcasting for Profit / Amanda Peach ;
  • Women in Work Boots: A Website Profiling Women in the Trades / Jennifer Sintime --
Part III. Educational Applications.
  • Entrepreneurship Research: Using the Tools at Your Local Library / Lura Sanborn ; Editing Student Writing / Amy J. Barnickel ;
  • Online Instructors: The New Face of Education / Judy Donovan, Julie Adkins, and Debbie Carpenter ;
  • The Six Ps of Editorial Assistantships: How the Web Paid For My Doctoral Education / Jenny Ungbha Korn ;
  • Teaching Online from Home / Katherine Sanger ;
  • A Woman's Journey through the Web / Robert Simpson --
Part IV. Personal Aspects.
  • Getting the Most Out of a Virtual Internship / Laura Francabandera ;
  • How the Internet Has Opened Doors for Women with Disabilities / K Royal ;
  • Reducing the Caregiver's Burden / Darra Hofman --
Part V. Publishing and Writing.
  • Founding an Online Magazine Inspired by Travel Written by Women / Sarah Menkedick ;
  • Founding and Running Sheila Bender's Writing It Real / Sheila Bender ;
  • Founding Female Editors: Your Voice, Your Vision, and How to Make It a Reality / Nicole M. Bouchard ;
  • Self-Publishing in a Male-Dominated Publishing World / Leanne Olson
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